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Colour and textile science is a significant part of the Leeds' heritage.

Both the Clothworkers’ Department of Tinctorial Chemistry and Dyeing and the Department of Textile Industries predate the University by 25 years, established with generous financial support from the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers of the City of London. 

Soon after their establishment at Leeds, both Departments became widely recognised as the world-leading institutes in the field of colour and textile science. Such a reputation was evidenced by the Departments hosting eminent scientists such as;

Prof. Arthur Perkin FRS, son of Sir William Perkin FRS, the Father of synthetic dyes and the Founder of the British chemical industry; Prof. Ian Rattee, co-inventor of the Procion reactive dyes, which changed the landscape of dye industry entirely; William Astbury FRS, founding father of X-ray diffraction of macromolecules working in textile physics, and JB Speakman, internationally renowned textile chemist and discoverer of alginate fibres. 

Over the years, the units have collaborated extensively with industry and have been associated with a very significant number of inventions and discoveries, all of which helped establish Leeds as one of the very few international centres of excellence in the fields of colour and textile science.

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