Colour and Textile Science

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Textile materials and technology

Basic and applied research in technical textiles at Leeds is a multidisciplinary field. Core research expertise is in the study of fibrous structures based on the chemistry, physics, engineering and processing of fibres and textile assemblies.

Research is focused upon:

  • Coloration and finishing techniques
  • Environmentally sustainable textile materials and processes
  • Formation, structure and properties of fibrous assemblies
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Modelling of structure and properties

Applied research is directed towards a variety of application areas spanning clothing and fashion, healthcare, transport, energy, agriculture, building and construction, resource management and the environment.

  • Agriculture
  • Architectural textiles, geo-technical and civil engineering
  • Automotive and transport (marine, rail and aviation)
  • Defence
  • Domestic and household textiles
  • Filtration
  • Intelligent textile materials
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Single use and durable textile products
  • Sports and personal protective materials, including protective clothing
  • Sustainable technologies and recycling
  • Textiles designed for reuse or recycling

Our research interests include aspects of the chemistry, physics and engineering of fibres and textile structures in respect of the functional properties and the performance of such materials when used for technical applications. Many of our collaborative research programmes with industry have proved instrumental in product innovations for partner companies.